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home climate control

HVAC: Heating, Ventilating Air-Conditioning or High Voltage Alternating Current. In ordinary terms, this refers to climate control in your house or work space. This system aims to create an indoor atmosphere with the correct air temperature, and pleasant, well-balanced ventilation.

As seasons change and winter creeps upon even the sunniest households, it is important to ensure that a home is warm enough to be comfortable. Homes with large trees around them are beautiful, but often block out much needed light. This can easily be remedied in a variety of ways that will allow the family to move around the house with ease and comfort.

Ventilation refers to the process of exchanging stale, used air in an enclosed environment for fresh, moving air. A good ventilation system is essential for comfortable living, as brain cells depend on a good supply of oxygen in order to function properly. It is important to not only condition with air temperature with air-conditioning designed to cool, but to incorporate the movement of new air to replace old stagnant air.

All of these can be achieved with home automation. HVAC systems can come with sophisticated settings which allows you to choose what temperatures to keep and what times to activate these settings. Alternatively they can be left to the user to set manually as and when needed.

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  • "Thanks Brian for the excellent service, I feel safe and secure knowing I can access my alarm system at home even if I am in Capetown."

    Dorothy Diedericks

  • "Smart Systems did a complete make-over for my home a few months ago and it has greatly enhanced my living space. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking to upgrade their home."

    Camilla forthart

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